Chris & James’ 40th Birthday Extravaganza

As I’ve written previously, this summer marks my 40th birthday. A few years back, I discovered that I shared birthdays with James Corden, host of The Late, Late Show on CBS. Not only were we both born on August 22, but we were both born on August 22, 1978. Yes, James Corden and Chris Budd are in fact Birthday Twins! (I still maintain that’s a thing…)

As Isabelle and I began discussing plans for my 40th birthday, there was only one item that came up – Walt Disney World. Where else could I go for my 40th birthday, but to the Happiest Place on Earth? I mean we’re already planning our 10th wedding anniversary on October 1, 2021 (which also just happens to be Disney World’s 50th anniversary! Synchronicity at it’s best!) That’s when my wheels started turning and I thought, “Why don’t I invite James as well?” And so I did.

As I documented in a previous post, I’ve sent a series of letters, cards and notes to James over the past year or more. I’ve sent messages via Twitter and Instagram. But nary a response. I will admit that I never fully expected a response, but thought that maybe, somehow, the Universe would conspire to have one of my notes make it past the multitude of interns, production assistants, personal assistants, etc. and actually make it to James’ desk. Hell, I even tried sending a note to Chris Hardwick, who records in the same building as James (and who is also a huge Disney fan). To be fair though, I don’t know that the address I had for Chris Hardwick was correct. Maybe I’ll just try reaching him through social media. (Picture it… Chris & James’ 4oth Birthday Extravaganza! Now with more Chris!)

Our countdown has crossed into double-digit days leading up to the trip. We are currently 82 days away We’ve booked our stay at Disney’s Pop Century Resort (as we always do), and we’ve started booking some of our dinner reservations. I’ve opted to book a table at Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs on my birthday. This will be my opportunity to finally try some authentic Japanese Wagyu beef. It’s going to be costly, but I’m worth it! 😉

With the countdown continuing to tick forward, I thought it was time for one final last-ditch effort to rope in James for our big 40th birthday extravaganza. I’ve just sent one final item off in the mail – an official invitation. Time to wish upon a star…

This is the actual invitation that I’ve sent to James Corden

If any of my spirit guides, Guardian Angels or any other being (worldly or otherwise), can somehow see to get this into James’ hands prior to our birthday, I would be eternally grateful. And if not, know that I’ll still have the best birthday of my life, enjoying every nanosecond of the fun, laughter, food, excitement and pure unbridled joy that Isabelle and I will be experiencing, with our without James.

Even if he doesn’t come, you’re still welcome to join us Mr. Hardwick!

Chris & James’ 40th Birthday Extravaganza… now with 100% more Chris!

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