Académie Zérolimite

The weekend of May 4-6th was a beautiful gift for me. Earlier this year, my wife registered for an online training program called Académie Zérolimite. As part of the program, there was a 3-day live event in Quebec City, to which she also had a free ticket to bring a guest along with her. Thankfully, I was the chosen one! 🙂

Notebook and VIP pass for the conference

As the sessions were starting at 9AM on Friday morning, with registrations opening at 8AM, we took a half day off of work and left at noon on Thursday for our 8-hour drive. Our hotel was a leisurely 15 minute stroll away from the convention centre where the event was being held, so we were looking forward to the early morning walks. Nothing like a bit of fresh air to start the day off right!

On Friday morning, we set out around 7:45AM to give ourselves ample time. A few minutes into our walk, the geography of Quebec City quickly came back into our minds. Much of historic Old Quebec is built on a plateau above the river valley. The convention centre is at the top of this plateau. Picture yourself rounding a corner and seeing what appears to be a seemingly vertical street. At the top – the hotel attached to the convention centre. So much for our leisurely stroll!

The live event was thoroughly energizing. 1200 people in a large room eagerly awaiting the arrival of our host, Martin Latulippe – an international speaker, bestselling author and coach. The energy when he took the stage was phenomenal. I will admit that while I knew the name, I did not really know much about Mr. Latulippe before we arrived. But the moment he bounded onto the stage, music blaring, people cheering, and seeing the pure joy and exuberance that emanated from him, I had tears in my eyes. I was seeing someone who was living their true purpose in life. Not only living it, but knowing that they were living out their purpose. It was beautiful.

Conference room at Académie Zérolimite

Isabelle had joined the program through an affiliate, and as such, was invited to a VIP event and book launch on the Friday night. It was a very intimate affair with perhaps 15 people participating in the VIP Q&A with the book’s authors. During the entirety of the book launch, it was pouring outside. Seemingly gallons upon gallons of water streaming out of the sky in sheets. Though I had brought along our big golf umbrella due to the forecast, I didn’t think it would do much good with the wind and rain that we were seeing. Thankfully, it all came to an end before we left, so we had a beautiful walk back to the hotel.

Day two was my highlight. We had a few conferences during the day, but our final speaker was named François Lemay. Again, I’ll say that while I knew the name, I did not know much about Mr. Lemay. Following a fun conference by François and his better half, Nathalie, he lead us through a five minute visualization. During that five minutes, I reached a point of exaltation that I have not felt since doing a full week’s silent Reiki retreat. It was powerful! And in that moment, I knew that I had found what I had been seeking.

Despite my regular Reiki practice, I felt that I needed to find something else to continue to develop and challenge me. And François Lemay seems to be that path for me. Earlier this week, I signed up for a 3-month online full-consciousness course with him. I am truly looking forward to the next three months.

Though we were busy from 9-7 on both Friday and Saturday, we were able to enjoy some delicious food and take in the sights of Old Quebec. It would have been nice to spend a bit more time visiting, but this trip was intended for our self-development. It’s time to put some focus on us, and ensure that we are being the best version of ourselves.

What can you do today to take some time and focus on yourself? Do you regularly make time in your schedule for your own self-care, growth and learning? If you don’t, why? Don’t you think you are worth making the time?

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