Silent Night, COVID Night

Yesterday, we moved back to the orange phase in this wonderful world of COVID. We are just over a month away from Christmas, and we’re regressing as this virus makes waves again. I realized that this shift to the orange phase has troubled me more than the last one, more even than the original lock-down early in the year. But why? We just went through this a month ago. The regression to orange lasted about two weeks, then we returned to yellow and life went back to our (current) normal. What’s different this time is that I am seeing the real possibility that Christmas 2020 may not be anything remotely close to what I consider normal. And that’s bothering me.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved Christmas. I love the lights, the decorations, the smells, the food, the gifts (both given and received), the movies and the music. I love the spirit of the holiday season. Heck, I even tracked my own Christmas Spirit levels a couple of years ago in a series of blog posts. So the idea that things may not be normal are increasing levels of anxiety and panic in my brain.

Here are a flew blog posts on Christmas spirit I wrote in 2017.

I’ll show YOU my Christmas spirit!

Today marks the turning of another page on the calendar.  Goodbye November, hello December.  And with December comes all of that holiday bliss that is Christmas.  I should be clear that I am a confirmed Christmas junkie.  Or more aptly, I was a Christmas junkie.

(Christmas) Spirited Away

It’s been a few days since I decided to try to elevate my Christmas spirit for the year.  In that time, I’ve done a few things to try to not only raise my spirits, but also to spread a little holiday cheer to those around me.

On the Holiday Road

It’s been a week or so since I last updated on my Christmas Spirit boosting activities.  So I thought it would be time to give an update.

While my wife and I have discussed “skipping Christmas” and going away to some tropical destination in the past, we’ve never acted upon it. I was always okay with it though, but it is because it is by choice. This year, we may not be given the choice. Instead of spending Christmas Eve with my entire extended family at my uncle Harvey’s house, followed by hosting Christmas dinner for my mother, brother, sister-in-law and in-laws on Christmas Day, it may very well be just me, Isabelle and Roxie. Kind of takes away from the magic of the season when you can’t be with your family and friends.

During our post-work walk, Isabelle and I discussed this notion. We agreed that regardless of the outcome of the next few weeks, we need to make a point of injecting the Christmas Spirit into our lives. We will make a concerted effort to find activities that will fill us with the love, happiness and joy of the holiday season.

This may not be the Christmas that most of us wanted to have, but it may very well be the Christmas we need to live. I am not living in fear of COVID-19, but I will respect the guidelines and recommendations of our governments and leaders. If it means increasing the chances of being able to see my family, I’ll gladly accept the restrictions we have in place. Are you willing to do the same? This would be the best gift that we can all give one another in 2020.

2 thoughts on “Silent Night, COVID Night

  1. Sue C

    This is raw and beautiful. I put the tree and decorations up last weekend. I needed some twinkle. We have accepted the fact we won’t be with our family- kids and 2 grandchildren- one will be 2 months old in Dec 21 and we have had the luxury of holding him once. So much love for our family. Last year I should have known that this year’s events were coming. We were with our family and had a ball.

    I think this year it’ll be about reflection and feeling grateful- grateful for the wonderful memories, for the love of family and dear ones we are so lucky to have in our lives- friends that we haven’t seen in months and our work family that we spend so much time with daily- and let’s not forget to give ourselves kudos. Nobody wrote this script.

    Hubs and I will do the usual Christmas Eve routine- different this year-FaceTime with the kids and family- we just can’t hug or touch each other- but at least we have that. We will watch the Christmas Vacation movie Christmas Eve. Christmas Day- we may do Surf and Turf- connect with family- reflect and relax. (save washing so many pots and pans!) I may, for the first time ever- have a pj day! We will walk our old gal Nyla. Thank God for pets and having each other. Grateful.

    We have to hunker down so we can have family time again.

    Thanks for this- we can do this. ❤️

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    1. I agree entirely. It is a year of introspection, reflecting and taking stock of what really matters in life.

      I continue to be hopeful that our society will not return to the same frenetic pace that we had before this pandemic. I think we have all benefittedby a slower lifestyle. Take time to smell the roses and enjoy life.


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