To Foo or Not to Foo (or Reason #83 Why My Wife is Amazing)

All this past week, James Corden has been broadcasting The Late Late Show from London. On Thursday night’s show he had a Carpool Karaoke with Paul McCartney and a performance by the Foo Fighters. I had been anxiously awaiting this episode all week. So Friday night, once we had settled in for the evening, Isabelle and I plopped down on the couch in the movie room and proceeded to be thoroughly entertained. (click the video below to watch)

I’ve been a huge fan of the Foo Fighters for many, many years. I’ve long said that they are the one band left that I must see perform live. I’ve seen everyone else that I truly love, but the Foo Fighters have eluded me. When they released their newest album, Concrete & Gold, this past September, they embarked on a world tour. I excitedly checked the tour dates earlier this year and found that they were going to Boston in July. Boston’s an 8-hour drive from here. And July means Isabelle is on vacation, so no worry about getting time off… but of course, it would so happen that there was a wedding the weekend of the concert for which Isabelle is baking the cake and cupcakes. So it was a no-go.

After the performance was finished on The Late Late Show, Isabelle got up, left the room and returned with a tiny gift bag. Friday was two months from my birthday. “Here’s an early 40th birthday present,” she said. I looked at her, thoroughly taken off-guard and not knowing what to expect. Inside was a pass to the Quebec City Summer Festival, a 10-day music festival. On July 9th, Foo Fighters are headlining the main stage on the Plains of Abraham. And we’re going. I was literally dumbfounded.


My sneaky, and ever so amazing wife, had organized all of this some 6 weeks ago. She bought the festival passes and had them sent to my mother’s apartment so that I wouldn’t see them. She booked us a hotel on Hotwire (the same one we stayed at a few months ago when we went to the Académie Zérolimite, so we know that we are a 15 minute walk from the concert site). She even contacted my Manager, Valérie, to make sure there would be no issues with me taking those few days as vacation. She had even decided to wait and tell me only a few days prior to the concert.

That is, until I slightly caused some concern with her plan. Last week, I randomly decided that I was going to take the week of July 1st as vacation. I already had another 8 days booked off for our Disney World trip for my birthday. She was worried that I wouldn’t want to take more days off in July, so she told me now so that I could decide whether I wanted to just extend my week off by a few days, or switch up my vacation.

Two weeks from today, we will be driving to Quebec City to see the Foo Fighters. We will be joined by 80,000 people at the concert site. This will be epic. I start the summer with Foo Fighters, head to Disney World for my 40th (still time for you to join us James!), and then end with a WWE house show in Saint John.

Merci, Isabelle! I still haven’t fully processed what’s going on. I cannot express how thrilled I am to be going to see Foo Fighters in concert. Or that it’s happening so soon. Or that I had no idea it was happening until Friday night. Je t’adore et je t’aime. Merci, merci, merci.

What do you have planned for this summer? What will make you have an Epic summer?

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