A Different Kind of Pod Challenge

While podcasts are not new, I’ve only somewhat recently jumped on the bandwagon.  I’ve now found a handful of podcasts that I enjoy, but have been struggling with keeping up.  This leads to my question for you today:

Where and when do you listen to podcasts?

This is what I find challenging.  I don’t have a job where I can consistently sit at my desk and pop on a pod.  I don’t have a long commute to/from work.  So when do I listen to these (mostly) weekly shows?

Yes, there are times when I’m at my desk for a couple of hours straight, and I’ll aurally ingest some Nerdist chatter and then drink in some Folkchef’s Kitchen to wash it down, before sating myself with the ever-sophisticated conversations (and fake Christian laughs) of E & C’s Pod of Awesomeness.  But there are also times when my schedule is so chock full of meetings and whatnot that I get backlogged and have to either skip some episodes (the horror!) or plow through a series of them just to get caught up.

(Using today as an example, I’m listening to the most recent E&C’s PoA in snippets in between meetings and whatnot.  It’s definitely not the ideal way to take in the genius that is Edge & Christian!)

Fill me in on your routines. Give me some ideas to see if I can finagle some time in my week to dedicate to the pods that I like.

As a closing , I’ll throw out this last one last question.

What podcasts do you listen to that you think I should?

I know that’s an odd question to ponder when I’m already struggling to keep up with the ones that I’ve got going now.  There are a few others that I’ve listened to and found interesting (i.e.: it still blows me away at how hyper-intelligent Russel Brand is on his fascinating podcast Under the Skin with Russel Brand).  But I feel that there is so much more out there to pique my interest.  So tell me dear readers, whatcha got for me?


2 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Pod Challenge

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