A Year of Reading

Just about a year ago, I wrote a post about taking on a reading challenge for 2017 in an attempt to boost my somewhat waning reading habits.  Now that nearly a year has passed, I’m quite satisfied with my overall results.

Over the better part of a year, I managed to read a total of 26 books (granted, some were plays/screenplays, but I’m counting them!)  Although I haven’t checked off each of the categories in the original list, I did manage to cross off a number of them.

For anyone interested, here’s what I read in 2017:

  • A biography/autobiography
    • Be Feel Think Do – Anne Bérubé
    • The Search / D’Aulnay’s Legacy – Louis Robichaud
    • I Can See Clearly Now – Dr. Wayne Dyer
  • A young adult novel
    • Tales from the Haunted Mansion – Amicus Arcane
    • Disney At Last (The Return, book 3) – Ridley Pearson
  • A book with a colour in the title
    • The Obsidian Chamber – Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
  • A book picked based solely on the cover
    • Universal Harvester John Darnielle
    • Meddling Kids – Edgar Cantero
  • A book set somewhere you’ve never been but would like to visit
    • Origin – Dan Brown
  • A non-fiction book
    • The Lost City of the Monkey God – Douglas Preston
    • Astrophysics for People in a Hurry – Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • A fantasy novel
    • Grayskull: The Masters of the Universe – Justin Marks (unproduced screenplay)
  • A book by a female writer
    • The Woman in Cabin 10 – Ruth Ware
    • The Lying Game – Ruth Ware
  • A play
    • Constellations – Nick Payne
    • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne & John Tiffany
  • A book that’s been adapted into a movie
    • The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower, vol. 1) – Stephen King
  • A book you’ve already read
    • Une cuillerée à thé de bonheur – Isabelle Maillet
  • A book in a genre you usually avoid
    • Solving the Innovation Mystery – Steve Gladis
  • A book recommendation by someone else
    • The Universe Has Your Back – Gabrielle Bernstein
  • Three books by the same author
    • Voilà pourquoi cette fille n’est pas ta mère, T1 – Justin Guitard
    • Voilà pourquoi cette fille n’est pas ta mère, T2 – Justin Guitard
    • Voilà pourquoi cette fille n’est pas ta mère, T3 – Justin Guitard
  • A devotional or spiritual book
    • The Book of Joy – His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu & Douglas Abrams
  • A book from a favourite author
    • Full Wolf Moon – Lincoln Child
  • A book in the backlist of a new favourite author
    • May Cause Miracles – Gabrielle Bernstein

I’m now challenging myself to match (or better) that number in 2018.

So to you my dear readers – what were some of the best books you read in 2017?
Anything you would recommend to me?

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