One of the benefits of my current job is that I am often sitting at my desk working away at whatever it is I do. This allows me to pop on some headphones and dive into the world of podcasts. For today’s post, I’ll talk about a couple of my favourites.

Back in January 2018, I wrote a blog about podcasts. At the time, I was only just getting my feet wet and hadn’t really listed to a whole lot. While I may still not have listed to a whole lot of different podcasts, I have expanded my roster.

E&C's Pod of Awesomeness Logo

Top of my list remains E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness. There is nary a podcast that brings me more joy than this one. Listening to the artists formerly known as Edge and Christian (from the WWE) talk about all things professional wrestling and occasionally some hockey talk. I often find myself literally laughing out loud. Two good ol’ Canadian boys who have the same simplistic, childish sense of humour as me. I couldn’t ask for more.

A very close second is WTF with Marc Maron. In it’s current form, stand-up comedian Marc Maron performs long-form interviews with various people ranging from musicians, comedians, actors, directors and, even Barack Obama. At over 1000 episodes, there is ample material out there to interest nearly anyone. I would recommend this to everyone.

A new podcast that I’ve just started listening to recently is Life is Short with Justin Long. This is a nascent podcast hosted by actor Justin Long and his brother. I’ve only listened to two of the seven existing podcasts, but found them to be enjoyable, particularly the one with Neil Patrick Harris. I’ve been a fan of Justin Long’s since his days hanging around at Stuckeybowl on the TV series “Ed“. I’ll continue to give this one a listen.

Lastly, I’ll mention one that won’t appeal to everyone, but that I find highly entertaining. How Neal Feel is a podcast hosted by stand-up comedian Neal Brennan. Neal is the co-creator and co-writer of “Chappelle’s Show“, and has been more recently featured on “The Daily Show“, as well as having a tremendous stand-up special on Netflix. His style of humour is not necessarily for everyone, but I love his take on the world and his humour. Much like Life is Short, How Neal Feel is a new podcast, having only had seven episodes as of the time of this post.

There are others that I listen to at least semi-actively (Talk is Jericho, ID10T with Chris Hardwick, The Good Place: the Podcast, David Tennant Does a Podcast with…, Jimmy Jacobs Doesn’t Know), but these are currently my favourites.

What are you listening to? What am I missing out on? Comment down below!

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