“You Think You Know Me…”

About an hour after posting my last blog, I came back to WordPress for some reason or other and something caught my eye. When I sign in, I see an analytics dashboard showing how many views you’ve had, comments, likes, etc. One of the fun little features is a map showing from which countries your blog has been viewed. This is what caught my eye on that fateful day.

My last blog dealt with Podcasts. I referenced a couple that I listen to, but one in particular, E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness, was mentioned a couple of times. It is, by far, my favourite podcast and I’ve even had the privilege have having one of my questions answered during a recent Q&A (I’m at the 1:40:05 mark if anyone’s interested). And I’m very happy to note that I even got an Edge chuckle out of my twitter handle (@misterboxhead).

When I posted my blog, I included the E&C Pod of Awesomeness Twitter handle as well, not really thinking anything of it. But then I saw the screenshot below.

Did Edge read my blog?

When I returned about an hour later, I had a single view of my blog, from Ireland. This was fun in itself, since 95% of my views are from North America, but Ireland was more interesting for me. You see, at the time of the blog post, Edge was filming on the TV series Vikings. In Ireland. Coincidence? I think not! Using my Holmesian powers of deduction, I concluded that Edge saw my tweet, checked out my blog and is now a dedicated fan/devoted reader. Okay, maybe not the second part. But I am fully believing that he checked out my blog.

So thank you, Edge, for checking me out. Err… checking out my blog. Feel free to stay tuned!

PS: Christian, now it’s your turn… don’t be left out in the cold!

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