It’s Not All Rainbows and Sunshine

As with most forms of social media, blog posts can be somewhat misleading for readers. Most people put out the highlights when they publish something on social media – fun experiences, delicious food, beautiful sights and moments. Having nothing but positive experiences being shoved down your throat can cause some people to have negative self-views. “Why is my life so crappy when everyone else seems to be thriving?” As much as I strive to be fully authentic in my social media, I do recognize that I rarely post anything overly negative on my Instagram or Facebook. Occasionally, I do talk about more negative aspects and thoughts here in my blog. So today, it’s a bit more real talk.

Happy Monday!

I daresay there are not many people who are huge fans of Mondays. Normally, I’m a bit ambivalent about Mondays. I don’t hate them, but I’m also not in love with them. They are a mix of highs and lows. Sure, it means that I’m going back to work after a weekend of fun, relaxation and freedom, but it also means that I get to watch Monday Night Raw later in the night.

Today, I’m feeling Garfield full-force. It was just one of those days where things seem to not be going my way. Without going into details, because I’m not intending this to be a woe-is-me post, a number of things that could possible go wrong, went wrong. I had a mental plan for how the day would go, and one by one, each of those planned items went haywire. A planned walk, my scheduled workload, computer issues, cigarette smoke – things just kept piling on. Things were not going well for me mentally. Mais cela aussi changera.

I thought I’d make myself feel better by going to get a Starbucks breakfast when I finally had a few minutes to myself around 10:30. I got my order and headed home only to discover that instead of getting a soy chai latte, I was given a soy latte. I dislike coffee. Dislike may be too kind a word. LOL. So much for my deliciously comforting drink!

Thankfully, things did seem to slowly calm down come afternoon. I thus decided to be lazy and treat myself to some takeout for supper as I am home alone while Isabelle is out of town for work. With any luck, my pepperoni pizza from Tide & Boar Brewing will help to continue the shift to a more positive day.

Here’s hoping everyone else had an at least somewhat pleasant Monday. And can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring me.

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