(Non) Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has guilty pleasures. Those things that you enjoy that you know are either not good for you, not well-seen by others, or are just so-bad-they’re good. Over the years, I’ve learned to not shy away from things that give me pleasure. So here are a few of my (non) guilty pleasures.

First up is my first-ever favourite movie – 1982’s kitschy cult classic, The Pirate Movie. This is a parody take of the Gilbert & Sullivan musical The Pirates of Penzance. While this movie was a bomb when it was released in 1982, it became somewhat of a cult classic in the ensuing years. Probably largely due to people like me who remember watching it as a child. It’s a beautiful blend of music, action, and irreverent comedy. In example – while having a sword fight with the Pirate King, the main character Frederic suddenly turns his sword into a lightsaber. Or maybe it’s the random inclusion of a police inspector who looks, speaks an acts like Peter Sellers’ classic character Inspector Clouseau. The humour is right up my alley and reads like someting I would have written. I used to hide the fact that I love this movie, but I’ve since fully embraced the campy goodness that is The Pirate Movie. Now, I watch it with pride!

Another pleasure that many would consider to be a guilty pleasure are Archie comics. That’s right. This mid-forty year old man enjoys reading Archie comics. This is something I’ve enjoyed since I was a young child. I first got into Archie thanks to my uncle Paul, who had a collection of them. I started reading through his box of comics and haven’t really stopped ever since. Though I don’t read them as frequently as I used to, my wife still buys me a couple of Archie comics each year for my Christmas stocking. (as a bonus entry, have you watched the Netflix series Riverdale? A modern-day retelling of Archie. Think Archie meets One Tree Hill, meets Days of our Lives. It’s another one of those so-good-it’s-bad entries.)

Third on my list is one that while I’ve never really hidden from people, I also didn’t make a point of telling people about for many years. I am a lifelong diehard fan of professional wrestling. The WWE has been a weekly staple in the Budd household ever since I can recall. I first started watching wrestling, as far as I can recall, when I was 6 or 7. I immediately fell in love with it. When people throw the “but it’s fake. How can you watch that?” at me, my usual response is “do you enjoy movies? Those are fake too. Doesn’t make it less entertaining.” Over-the-top characters and spectacular physical performances. Action, drama, comedy, even romance and the occasional supernatural storylines. What more could you want?

Finally, I come to one of my favourite non-guilty pleasures. That salty, crispy, deliciousness that is bacon. Given how good it is for your health, bacon is a guilty pleasure to many. But I do not shy from my love of bacon. Epic days are those when I manage to get in three bacon servings in a single day. There’s nothing quite like bacon included in your meals for breakfast, lunch and supper. Sure, they may require some antacids later in the night, but it’s so worth it!


And there you have it. Four (non) guilty pleasures that I enjoy. As I mentioned, I’ve learned to fully enjoy these without any fear of guilt or of people knowing that I enjoy them. To each their own is my motto.

I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. If you enjoy something, there’s nothing guilty about it.

Busy Philipps

And how about you? What are some of your guilty pleasures? Do you enjoy them in secret? Or are you, like me, open and carefree about what you love?

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