Alone with my Thoughts

I went for my daily 6AM walk this morning, as per the norm. The only difference today is that I was alone, as my wife is out of town for work. This meant I was fully alone with nothing but the sounds of the birds chirping, the wind blowing and my thoughts running through my head. Let’s take a short stroll through the random oddness that is Chris’ mind.

One of those thoughts that came into my mind today was one that I had spun around my brainpan when I was younger – if our solar system is a series of planets orbiting a sun, and an atom is a series of electrons orbiting a nucleus, is it possible that our solar system is just an atom in a larger macroscopic lifeform? Maybe the big bang was literally conception. The reason our universe is expanding could be that the lifeform is growing.

Now of course this is all dismissed by much smarter people than me, such as Neil deGrasse Tyson. (see video below) But it’s still an interesting thought experiment. Maybe it IS true, but we can’t grasp the concept with our tiny human brains!

After thinking about the universe as an atom thing for a few minutes, I suddenly had a random memory pop into my brain. Do any of you recall Rocket Robin Hood? This was a Canadian animated series from the 1960s. I used to watch it on weekday mornings before school. As you can surmise by the name, it was a rethemed version of Robin Hood that took place in space! So many memories of watching this show.

Which then lead me to think about another animated show I used to watch in the mornings when I was a child. This was often on before or after Rocket Robin Hood, or at least in the same timeslot. Do any of you remember The Tales of the Wizard of Oz? I still remember all of the words to the (very catchy) theme song. You can watch the opening credits below.

From there, my brain launched into the chorus from the song Gigantic by Pixies.

These were just a few of the random thoughts that I had over the course of my 30-minute walk. In all honesty, this was a tame thought flow. My thought process can be much more erratic and random than this (just ask my wife!) But I thought it would illustrate how my brain randomly works. I can go from sublime, deep philosophical thoughts, to humming kids cartoon theme songs from the 1960s, to 1980s surf/punk/alternative music and everything in between.

That might explain one of the best compliments I have ever received. Back in my university days, I was out having a few drinks with some classmates. Everyone else had left the table (likely to go smoke), except for me and one other person. She looked at me and said, “what are you thinking about right now?” I asked her why she was asking and her response was, “Your mind fascinates me.” I know this may not necessarily have been intended a compliment, but I took it as such. LOL

Are you like me? (God help you if you are!) Do you randomly jump from obscure random thought to another?

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