*Batteries Not Included

Through much of 2019, I’d noted that I had light bulbs acting weirdly around me. They would frequently start flickering for a few minutes then stop. We had a number of bulbs that just stopped working. (Yes, I realize that happens with light bulbs, but some of these were replaced and died again on us shortly afterwards) We even had one light bulb that burned out 3 times in the past two years. Each time, it would be out for a day or two, I’d touch it to take it out and then it would light up again and last months before happening again. After the third “resurrection”, I was forced to replace the bulb.

Then I started having issues with batteries. For example, while we were in Québec City a couple of months ago, we were out and about doing some shopping. We left the mall, drove a few minutes to a gas station and, after filling up, the car wouldn’t start. We needed to get a boost. We parked the car for the remainder of the trip and had no issues on the way home.

I’ve had issues with a few other batteries for remote controls, my phone battery kept losing it’s charge rapidly, I had problems setting up a Fitbit due to low battery. In short, I had a lot of issues with batteries.

This got me thinking during one of my meditation sessions – these are signs. It took a while for me to realize it, but the Universe was sending me signs to say that my own batteries were running low. First I was having flickering light, then my actual batteries were drained. And now that I look back at the last few months, I realize that I have been running on less than a full charge. I’ve felt down. I’ve gotten sick. I’ve had little motivation. I’ve had less inspiration. My willpower wasn’t as strong as usual. I was running low on energy.

Now, it’s time to recharge my batteries. In tomorrow’s post, I’ll talk about my strategies to re-energize myself.

Are you self-aware enough to note when you’re running low; to know when your batteries are drained? What are your signs? What do you do to boost yourself again? Share your tips!

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