Manifesting Your Dreams

One year ago yesterday, I was starting in a new role with my employer. I’d spent the better part of the previous 8 years in leadership roles and felt it was time for a change. As luck would have it, my Director had a new role being created and I was one of the lucky candidates who moved into this still-undefined role.

Flash forward a year. While I wasn’t disliking my job, I wasn’t fully loving it either. I had a lot of freedom in the role – I didn’t have any direct reports, but also didn’t have any daily tasks that kept me at my desk Monday to Friday. It helped stretch my capacities and gave me a chance to develop and grow.

But as I’ve discussed in this blog in the past, I’ve been putting much more focus on myself these last few years. One of the reasons I had left the Team Leader position was so that I could focus on myself, and not have to worry about leading a team of 20-some individuals. I wasn’t taking the time for me. The new position that I moved into did not have me leading anyone directly, but I was now responsible for over half of the employees working under my Director. I thought I was moving into a role to let me take a step back, but in reality, I had taken a step up.

As we approached the end of 2019, I was doing a lot of soul searching. I was feeling low energy and not quite myself. Having spent a lot of time observing myself, and working on my personal development, I was at least aware of how I was feeling. I needed to shift my focus.

Enter a well-timed Facebook Live stream with François Lemay. I’ve been a student of François’s for a few years now. During this live Facebook chat, he talked about needing to shift your focus from the (perceived) gaps in your life towards what you want in life. If you continue to focus on negative things, you attract negative things into your life.

I had spent the previous few weeks (months?) focusing on all of the pieces of my job that I didn’t like. The result? I had more and more experiences that I didn’t like. I needed to break this pattern and focus on what I wanted. So that’s precisely what I did. Come November, I started to put more time on the pieces of the job that I truly enjoyed. I had the luxury of being able to do that. I started noticing that I was having better days, and things were going a little smoother for me. Little by little, I felt like I was making headway and feeling more confident in my performance. I still had my bad days, but the good were outweighing the negative.

I started to realize that I truly enjoyed doing one part of my job – working on reporting and metrics, but this was just a small part of what my job was intended to be. But I kept focusing on what I liked. If only this could be a bigger part of my daily life!

Just before Christmas, a job posting went out for a Metrics Analyst. Here it was – what I’d been wanting. Despite this, I hesitated for a while. In the end, I decided to throw my application into the mix and let the chips fall where they may.

A few weeks later, I am happy to announce that I will be moving into my new role as a Metrics Analyst effective February 1st. This is a win-win situation for me. I get to continue working for the same company that I’ve been with for twelve years, continue working with the people I’ve been working with for the past 6 years, and focus on something I am passionate about.

All it took was to shift my focus, shift my attention to the desired state and feelings that I wanted to have. The result – manifestation! It is impressive what we can do when we put our minds to the task and align our thoughts, our desires and our soul. It’s pure magic.

What are you wanting in your life? What are the blockages preventing you from attaining your desires? Is it negative thinking? Are you focusing on what you don’t like instead of what you want? Are you playing the Imposter Syndrome game? Change your spirit, change your life.

I believe in you. Do you?

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