Death Cab Getaway

In a few days, my wife and I will be taking a trip to Toronto for a mini vacation. I haven’t been to Toronto in nearly 20 years, and am really looking forward to the trip.

Last summer, my wife treated me to concert tickets to see one of my favourite bands for the first time. I had been wanting to see Foo Fighters for some time, but I had never had the opportunity. It was my 40th birthday, so the timing was perfect.

This summer, my wife is also reaching the same milestone. While I had not necessarily intended to replicate my experience with her, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy her a ticket to see her favourite band, Death Cab for Cutie. Much like me, she had never had the opportunity to see them in concert, so this will be an epic adventure.

We splurged on a nice hotel, only a 10-minute walk from the concert site, which is at Echo Beach in Toronto. The site looks to be beautiful and we cannot wait for the concert on Thursday night. The rest of the time will be spent visiting the downtown Toronto area, doing the touristy, sight-seeing kinda thing. I am very much looking forward to a few days of fun and adventure. I think we both needed a little getaway.

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