Candy Land

When a work day starts with you getting things ready for a candy bar for 150+ people, you know it’s probably not going to be too bad a day.

I was recruited into a departmental event committee this year. There weren’t any interested participants amongst the members of my old team, so I was asked if I wanted to join to bolster the number of people participating. As part of our mandate, we organize quarterly activities to boost the employee moral and to celebrate our successes throughout the year.

For our first activity this year, we opted to do a candy bar. I mean, who doesn’t love free candy, right?! Going right along with the idea was the theme – Candy Land. So off we went. A few of the others took care of sourcing and purchasing the candy, while I and others tackled the visuals.

Setting up the candy bar

In the end, I think things worked out nicely and people seemed to really enjoy themselves. We had a huge turnout with most of the people dropping in to our decked out meeting room. We booked the room for an hour, from 11-12, but by 11:25, nearly everyone had been through and the candy supply was starting to dwindle. At 11:40, we called it a day, packed up the meager remainders and left them for people to nibble on for the afternoon.

Some happy candy bar guests

It’s fun to be one of the ones bringing joy and happiness to a large group of people. It doesn’t always have to be through candy, sweets and the like, but it definitely doesn’t hurt when it is. Today, I was able to say that I was the light for our Client Solutions and Administration team. The Light Brigade continued to spread it’s magic. Let the light shine on!

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