Let the Magic Begin

I have come to realize that I’m writing and posting blogs much less frequently than I have been historically. For a few years, I endeavored to write at least 1-2 posts per month, but this has fallen by the wayside over the course of the post-COVID world. When taking a moment to assess, I’ve realized recently that I have not been at my best. I think one of the reasons (not the sole source of my lower-energy states, but one factor) is that I haven’t really had anything major to look forward to in some time. Yes, we went to Paris last spring, but that was a semi-impulsive trip that was only planned out a few weeks prior. And since then, there has been nothing big to speak of.

Until this past week.

Following a very long absence, Isabelle and I are returning to Walt Disney World later this spring. Without getting into all of the details, we have some friends who have been going through a major ordeal for the past few years. With this situation now coming under control, so to speak, they have decided to venture to Disney World to celebrate. And we are tagging along!

Welcome ceremony at Magic Kingdom

It’s been a bit touch and go for a while and we weren’t sure if/when the trip would actually happen, but last week, we reached out to Storybook Destinations to officially book the trip. For a glorious week mid-April, we will dive headfirst into the magic that is Walt Disney World.

As I write these words, we have 84 days before we arrive. Our trip will begin a day earlier, as we booked flights out of Montreal (they were half the cost!), so we’ll have a fun 10-hour drive to ramp up the excitement before we fly out, and then another fun 10-hour drive to decompress when we return home a week later.

Just the fact that this is scheduled has been a huge boost to my spirit. I now have something to look forward to for the next 84 days; something that will brighten my mood and energize me. I slept like a baby the night we booked the trip.

I know this is not a magic bullet that will solve all of my ails and woes, but it will go a long way towards boosting my morale. One small step at a time.

Now in prep for the trip, I’ve re-initiated some of my lapsed physical activities to get into better shape. I’ll be more mindful of my food choices. I’ll continue going walking daily. I’ll look to find little touches of magic to add into my life on a regular basis.

I know this trip will be vastly different from our previous trips for multiple reasons (traveling with a group vs alone, going with kids vs just two DINKs, no dining plans available, park reservation system and Lighting Lanes/Genie+, etc.) and I am embracing this wholeheartedly. I want to experience this fully and not take anything for granted while we are there. I want to be in the moment and just enjoy everything from the food, the smells, the sights, the waits (and the waits, and the waits, and more waits!), the rides, the parades…everything!

What brings added magic into your life? Do you have anything you’re looking forward to that helps motivate you?

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