Inspiration Station

Over the past while, I have felt as though I am lacking in inspiration. I haven’t posted as regularly as I used to, and the quality of my posts has been somewhat lacking in my opinion. It’s as though my muses have taken a break.

Maybe they’re social distancing as well!

In an effort to try to rekindle that fire, I’ve taken a step back and have started to listen to a wider array of podcasts, I’ve started to read a bit more regularly, I’m watching more movies/TV series. I’m trying to immerse myself in things that bring joy to me in hopes that it will bring a flicker of inspiration back into my being.

One idea that came to me recently was to create an inspiration station in my office. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been setting up my new home office and have finally started working there this past week. Until now, I’d been relegated to the dining room table for the past six months. Now, I have my own space from which to work. On one of the currently blank walls near my desk, I thought about putting up pictures of people/things that inspire me or of whom I admire their creativity. My hopes are that by repeatedly seeing these images, it will reopen the door to let creativity flow through me again.

But in the meantime, I will be patient. I’ll let go of my expectations and just let nature take its course.

And you – what do you do when you feel a lack of inspiration? Do you have a routine that you follow? Are there specific activities that you do to create that spark of inspiration? Help inspire me!

One thought on “Inspiration Station

  1. Sue

    I hear you…. I got back into yoga to slow everything down. It’s been a tough last 8 months and we need to look after us first. It’s hard to put yourself first….
    Hubs bought a new bass today and I asked for a new instrument- a cello- I can play without difficulty. These are strange times, being separated from family out of province, watching every move we make to ensure we are safe- you will find your spark. Believe and keep searching. Nature is calming. Try new things. It’s all going to be ok. Miss our chats.💞

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