How are things? (The real version. Not the ‘Instagram version’)

Earlier today, I was chatting with one of my oldest friends when she asked me a profound question – “How are things? (The real version. Not the ‘Instagram version’)

This was a very interesting question. Afterwards, the question lingered in my mind and I started to think about our social media lifestyle. It’s true – 90-95% of what people post on social media about themselves is the good stuff, the positive stuff.

Where’s the reality? Why are we so afraid to be truthful and honest with our friends and family? Are we worried that others will judge us? Are we delusional to the point of thinking that everyone else’s life is absolutely perfect and we’re the only ones who have bad days?

I have therefore decided that I will strive to be more truthful and open with my social media posts. Yes, I’ll still be largely positive because that’s who I am and how my world really is. But I will not shy away from posting the ugly truth when I’m not doing great.

Take today as an example. Following the chat with my friend, things went awry at work and I ended up in a bit of a downward spiral mentally. I left work, stopped at a convenience store, went home and just watched some comedy shows. This was the end result of my day…

Yes, that is a leftover Easter bunny

Reese Peanut Butter Cups, a bottle of root beer, a can of Fanta and some (not exactly fresh any longer) chocolate bunny pieces. Just eating away my emotions and frustrations. So no kids, it isn’t always rainbows and sunshine in Chris’ world.

How about you? Are you willing to be transparent and honest with your friends and family? What’s the worst that can happen? Dare to bare your soul.

PS:  Thanks Nathalie!

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