This is a Sign

If you take a moment to be still and pay attention, you’ll find that there are signs and messages from the Universe that are sent to you regularly. Most of the time, we aren’t paying attention enough to notice them, stuck in our daily routines and caught in our never-ending mind loops. I try to be mindful of these messages, but there will be long periods of time when I don’t see them. Or rather, I don’t recognize them.

My wife and I recently went for a hike along the Fundy Parkway. We had been wanting to visit a particular beach, having seen it on a previous visit but not knowing how to access it the first time. Before heading off on our two hour drive, I pulled a card from one of my oracle decks. The message on the card was as follows:

Whatever creative ideas you are having at this time, they are inspired by the divine. Paul the Venetian is here to help you channel your gifts.  You may have felt blocked or held back in the past, but now it’s time to recognize how talented you really are. Follow your bliss and share your grace.  Your creativity is a gift to the world, and as you share it with all those around you, you make space in your heart for goodness to enter.  Recognize your gifts today and express your creative self in a way that suits you.

Paul the Venetian – from the Keepers of the Light oracle deck by Kyle Gray
Oracle card from the Keepers of the Light deck by Kyle Gray

Cut to a few hours later. We made our way to Pangburn Beach.

Pangburn Beach

Anytime I am walking along a beach, I ask my Guides to help me find a “treasure”.  Sometimes I find a piece of beach glass, sometimes a stone, shell, or feather.  It all varies depending on whatever message they have for me that day. Here we are, alone on the ocean floor, just walking along admiring the beauty that is this spot, when something catches my eye. I walk forward a few steps and see a decidedly foreign item on the otherwise pristine rocky beach.

A pen? Alone on a beach that was, until an hour or so ago, under water?

A pen. I suddenly flash back to the card I drew earlier I the day.  I have always been interested in writing.  I’ve written off and on for most of my life.  It’s something that I’m always drawn to, that I aspire to do, but so rarely do it now.  “Recognize your gifts today and express your creative self in a way that suits you.”  That line from the oracle card had stuck in my brain.  While we were making the two-hour drive to the Fundy Parkway, I had started thinking about wanting to start writing again.  But, as I so often do, I let my ego get into the conversation and doubt started settling in.

But now, to find a pen on the ocean’s floor? How more striking a sign did I expect to find? Short of finding a handwritten note saying “Hey, Chris, you should start writing again!” I don’t think that I could get a clearer message.

Which brings us back to this discussion that I’ve had with myself a multitude of times in the past few years. You like to write. You want to write. So write. It doesn’t have to be fiction. It doesn’t have to be published. Just write. The Universe went out of it’s way to send you this message, so take heed.

Do you notice the messages and signs that are being sent to you? Do you ask your guides/the Universe for signs? Learn to be specific when you want a sign. Just saying “give me a sign” may leave the interpretation too vague for you to recognize them. Tell the Universe what you need to see. If you leave yourself open, you will find your signs.

2 thoughts on “This is a Sign

  1. melodramababs

    I think the universe sent me a message for you the other day…

    I was driving around and saw a very random billboard; it wasn’t what was being advertised, but the plaid background on it.

    And I was like “aahh. C’est carrotée!” so now, after reading this, I’ve pulled the script out to check out my lines… I still can’t remember the name of the guy that quit so that I didn’t have my own play – thanks for writing me in!

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