Go to Your Happy Place

While chatting with a coworker this morning, I was reminded about an article I’d read last week that had caught my attention. The headline read:

Psychiatrist Prescribes New Mental Health Treatment: Disney Trips!

Naturally, I thought this was a brilliant idea! With the increasing focus on mental health, it’s encouraging to see that this psychiatrist is looking outside the box at ways of helping people.

While Dr. Sanders “prescribes” these trips to Disney World or Disneyland in conjunction with more conventional treatments and medications, he recognizes that by having people immerse themselves in the “Happiest Place on Earth”, they are setting themselves up for success in their mental health journey.

Whenever I am feeling a bit down, one thing that always improves my state of mind is a bit of Disney. Whether it’s looking at photos from our previous trips, watching some videos online from great sites like Disney Food Blog, or catching up on some news on Inside the Magic, the Disney magic still works on me.

And while this works for me, there is no substitute for physically being in the Magic Kingdom. Though I do still have another 583 days until my next (scheduled) trip, it’s never too late to start planning. I think it might be time to rally the troops and start looking at our big 10th anniversary trip for 2021. It might just be enough of that Disney magic to give me the boost I need mentally.

What’s your happy place? Where do you need to go in order to bring some balance to your mental state? Is it a physical place, or can you make use of triggers like photographs, videos, books and music?

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