We’re Off to See the Wizard

Eleven years ago today, Isabelle and I had one of our double header movie nights. We would do this semi-regularly and pick two movies (usually there would be a theme – like Stephen King night). We had only been seeing one another for a couple of months at this point, but this is the night that started the ball rolling to where we are today.

Isabelle’s all-time favourite movie is The Wizard of Oz, so it was only natural that we watch both Oz and Return to Oz back-to-back. I’m not entirely sure now if I had ever seen Return to Oz prior to that night, but I know it had been a good while since I’d seen the original.

Following our movie watching, came the triggering moment – I asked where we were going. Were we just friends hanging out more and more regularly? Or was there more developing between us? It took some balls for me to ask, since I knew where I stood on the matter, but I wasn’t entirely convinced as to which camp Isabelle was in. In the end though, we were both on the same page. We shared our first kiss that night, and… well the rest is history.

Fast-forward to 11 years later. We’re no longer watching movies in a tiny basement apartment on a small 20″ Sanyo CRT television set, but in the basement movie room of our beautiful home (on a much bigger screen). I daresay that we might both end up falling asleep before the end of the second movie. It’s hard to stay up as late now that we get up much earlier in the morning than we used to. But we’ll still enjoy the night.

This was the actual TV we watched 11 years ago

And how about you? Do you celebrate any fun anniversaries apart from your “first date”? Share your comments!

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