Post-Disney Blues

Earlier this week, we crossed the two month mark from my return to the real world after spending 10 glorious days in Disney World for my 40th birthday. (You can read about the trip in this previous post.) As with each visit to the Happiest Place on Earth, the return to normality brings with it a bit of a feeling of blahness after a while. I’m usually able to ride the high of the Disney magic for a good 6-8 weeks, but then the inevitable crash occurs.

Here are my top 4 tips on how to avoid the post-Disney blues, and to keep that magic alive and kicking long after you’ve returned home.

Throw a Disney-themed dinner party

Pop Century tie-dye cheesecake and Wolfgang Puck Express bacon-wrapped meatloaf

What better way to relive the magic of Disney World at home than by indulging in some Disney food? Buy some Mickey and friends themed plates, napkins and decorations, and cook up a delicious meal. There are no shortages of resources to find homemade versions of many Disney World restaurant recipes. Here are a few prime sources to check out:

Plan a night-in with your loved ones to look at your trip photos

Disney photo albums.jpg

Whether you’re gathered around a smartphone, a tablet or a TV, or if you’re old school and made yourself a physical photo album, get the family together to reminisce on your trip. The simple action of looking at the pictures will trigger memories of the good times. Spend as long as you like and see how much you remember. Can you recall the smells/sounds in some of the photos? Can you just about taste that Mickey-shaped treat? It’s amazing what power memories have on our physical being!

Schedule Disney movie date nights

One activity my wife and I love to indulge in is to pull out our favourite Disney movies and cozy up on the sofa together. Whether it’s some of the classic animated films like Snow White, Aladdin or The Lion King, or whether you’re bingeing through the live action Pirates of the Caribbean (among others!), let yourself get swept up into the World (with a capital W).

Start planning your next Disney vacation!

Sure, you may have just gotten back from Disney World, but any of you Disney addicts out there know that you have another trip planned down the line. You may not yet have a firm date set, or maybe you do… (September 30, 2021 here we come!) But this will help boost the Disney spirit and keep you motivated. If you do have your next dates planned out, use a countdown clock to keep track of the time. There are no shortage of apps available, or go all Martha Stewart and make your own like we did. (You can download the template for the numbers on the Disney Parks Blog). Or if you don’t have a trip planned, help your family and friends plan their trip!

Disney Countdown
How many more days til Disney? As of today, we have 1069 days until our next vacation. 🙂

Even if it’s not post-Disney blues, you could have post-vacation blues.  What are your tips or tricks at beating PDB?  Share your thoughts down below!

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