Electric Mayhem

Over recent years, I’ve started to become aware of a peculiar reaction that goes on around me.  I seem to have some sort of effect on electrical systems.  It’s most noticeable with light sources.  We have one lamp in particular in our living room that, when I turn on, will start to flicker.  “It’s probably the bulb,” you’ll say, but it doesn’t do it when Isabelle turns on the light.  Or it can have been on for a while; I’ll walk into the room and sit down and, within 5 minutes, random flickering.  We’ve replaced the bulb, but it continues to do it. Honestly, when it first started happening, we thought there was a “presence” in the room and it was causing the lights to flicker.  Maybe I am that presence.  Or maybe it’s just the lamp.

I’ve noticed a similar thing occurring frequently with street lights.  I’ll go for a walk at night and the light will turn itself off as I approach it.  I’ve even seen it happen when I’m driving in a car and the street light next to me will suddenly go out.  Reaching back into my memories, I recall this happening to me even in my teen years.  I used to go walking frequently and this was not an uncommon experience.

Most recently, I’ve started noticing vehicles being affected when I’m around.  In the past 4 months, I’ve had a startlingly high number of instances where I’m walking past a vehicle at an intersection and the motor shuts off and the driver has to restart the car before moving.  I experienced this not an hour ago, walking down Main Street with my friend at lunch.  It’s even happened a few times while I was driving and the car next to me at the intersection had the same thing happen.  The first few times it happened, I brushed it off as a weird coincidence, but I’ve started noticing it happening with increased frequency.  I’ve started to wonder if I’m emitting some kind of signal that’s causing interference with some electrical systems.   Even my wife has noticed it happening… so I’m not entirely crazy!

Don’t worry, I don’t think I’m turning into Raiden, God of Thunder or anything

And what about you, dear reader?  What do you think is going on with me?  Have you had similar experiences?  Or any other kind of weird and interesting phenomena have happened to you?  Comment down below!

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