Christmas Traditions

In order to allow me to better cope with the changes to our Christmas celebrations this year, I thought it would be helpful to make a list of all of the holiday traditions that I am still able to do, despite the pandemic. Sure, I may not be gathering with my entire family on Christmas Eve as usual, or attending mass, but there are still a number of yearly activities that I have been/will be able to do.

One yearly tradition that can still go on despite a pandemic is our annual drive to view Christmas decorations. One night, not far from Christmas, Isabelle and I grab a hot chocolate and take a drive to look at all of the decorations and lights while listening to Christmas music. This year is shaping up to be a great drive, since there appears to be more people decorated than usual. I assume this is also in responses to COVID-19. People are actually at home and have had time around the house, so they’ve been putting up decorations.

I have long been a fan of all things Christmas and all things Muppet. When these two worlds collided in 1987 and produced A Muppet Family Christmas, I found my nirvana. The entire Muppet family gathers to celebrate Christmas together. Plus, we’ve got visits from the Sesame Street gang and the Fraggles! Absolutely love this one. Actually, tonight will be my yearly viewing of this special.

One of the most defining moments of my teenage life was when I discovered David Letterman. His irreverent brand of humour and madcap antics were just what this boy needed at the time. I became a lifelong fan of Dave’s, and began to watch him show religiously for nearly 25 years before he retired from hosting his late night shows. One of Dave’s traditions, starting way back in 1986 was to have Darlene Love come on to perform her song Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). Every year thereafter, Dave would have her come on and perform it before Christmas. This became my tradition as well. Despite Darlene’s last Letterman performance being in 2014, I still partake in this yearly tradition thanks to the presence of numerous videos on Youtube of these amazing performances. I still get emotional every year watching these.

Darlene Love’s 2014 performance on Letterman

Keeping in vein with Christmas performances, a yearly tradition that I have had since Isabelle and I began dating was going to the Capitol Theatre to see Noël avec Les Muses, Belivo et Roland Gauvin. This long running Christmas show usually kickstarts my Christmas spirit every year. With the pandemic in place, I had accepted that I would likely not be attending this year. Although they were still running shows, the reduced capacity of the theatre would make for a challenge in getting tickets. And thus, I resigned to skipping a year. Then, as luck would have it, the gang decided to record one of the performances and sell tickets for a streaming concert. Hallelujah! Not only will I still be able to partake in this dearly loved show, but I’ll be able to do it at home, with my in-laws and my mother. I heartily recommend this show to anyone. And while most of the songs are in French, the spirit remains. You can get details and tickets for the streaming show here.

Catch the show, streaming from December 23-26!

Christmas baking is another tradition that Isabelle and I do together. We both love to bake and usually produce a variety of goods to bring to work and offer to our friends and family. As we will not be seeing many of these people this holiday season, we will be greatly reducing our output, but we’ll still pop into the kitchen to whip up a little something.

One of our favourite traditions takes place on December 26th, Boxing Day. After all of the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day hubbub has subsided, we would devote Boxing Day to relaxation. We’d get up in the morning, take our showers and put our pyjamas back on. Then we would proceed to sit our asses down on the couch and spend the entire day binge watching a TV series or movies, while eating treats, candy, chips, popcorn, anything at all! It was a day of indulgence and rest. I feel that this year’s Boxing Day will be a little different given that we’ve essentially done just that regularly for the last nine months thanks to the Coronavirus. LOL. But I’m sure we’ll still devote the day to being restful, relax and just recharging our batteries.

And there you have it – a few of the yearly Christmas traditions that I can still enjoy this year despite the pandemic. What are some of your holiday traditions? Are you still able to do most of yours?

2 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

  1. Steph

    Great post mon ami. Nous on fait un pic challenge style trasure hunt pour poser des lumières selon une liste qui met genre santa, angels, bright lights, etc. It’s fun and it gets us off the couch. lol

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