Do you believe in magic?

That’s how the song goes.  (Am I referring to the classic by The Lovin’ Spoonful?  Or the jingle for the restaurant with the golden arches?)  With the recent passing of Alan Rickman (Professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies for those unaware), I’ve found myself thinking about magic in all of its many forms, so that will be the basis for my post today.  Apologies for the rambling and stream-of-consciousness that is to ensue. Continue reading “Magic”

Boxing Day Getaway

Our usual Boxing Day routine consists of getting up, showering, putting our pajamas back on, sitting our asses on the couch in the basement and binge watching some TV series or movies while eating junk food until.  Typically, this is an epic day.  This year, however, we opted to go a different route.  We again took advantage of our DINKitude and decided that we would just take a little extended weekend getaway. Continue reading “Boxing Day Getaway”

2016 – A Fresh Start

2015 has come and gone.  2016 is now nearly a full day old.  The year has started off well for me though.  My darling wife and I began the day with Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for breakfast, followed by a walk down the street to Starbucks for a drink – a grande soy chai with no water for me. (yes, I’m one of those people with a 5-word drink order)

While we sat there, each with a notebook and pen, I decided that I was going to skip the whole New Year’s Resolutions for 2016.  Why set myself up for failure?  Does anyone ever actually go through with those anyhow?  Rather than choose a resolution or two, I’ve decided to work in a more generalized way this year.  Instead, I will break things down into two categories:  “Do More…” and “Do Less…”. Continue reading “2016 – A Fresh Start”